The History of CFS

The History of CFS

January 1, 2023

Founded in 2005, CFS began its groundbreaking climb to one of the most sought-after early-out / self-pay agencies nationwide.  Beginning in the Fisher Body building near downtown Flint in 2006, home of Billy Durant and Durant Motors (later partnering to co-found General Motors Corporation), CFS paved the way with unsurpassed client devotion, attention, and technology to improve the patient experience, return visits, and bottom-line for its client base.

Fisher Body Building, Downtown Flint

Then in 2009 after outgrowing the Fisher Body building, CFS relocated its operation to another leased facility 1.5X larger in the south-Flint Gateway Centre.

Gateway Centre


And finally after outgrowing the Gateway Centre, purchasing and improving its own property located in Fenton, Michigan, 1.5X larger than previous, in 2014 CFS relocated yet again.  Its current facility houses the capacity to surpass most call centers in the State of Michigan in terms of volume, from onsite, to offsite, and to hybrid employees, CFS remains unrivaled in its space.

Fenton Facility

CFS is just beyond its 17th birthday and looks so very forward to many, many more decades to come servicing its clients, patients and consumers to the utmost level!