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Closely handling and monitoring patient care episodes from the moment they’re created until final resolution. Business flows differ in this space, but are rarely given the attention to detail, level of technology and patient care than the programs at CFS. CFS not only devotes almost its entire business to this, but its entire history- making us the top choice in early-out / self-pay and revenue cycle management (RCM) agencies nationwide.

Contact us to find out how we’re beating the competition, increasing recoveries in EVERY instance, increasing service offerings, customer service, patient satisfaction and retention, while absorbing all costs of doing so.

In so many cases our clients are under-staffed, under-equipped and technologically malnourished. CFS’ primary focus is providing early-out / self-pay and extended business office services with the utmost in customer service and technology at its forefront. We provide tools that our partners could never provide, those found at upper echelon Fortune 500 companies. While you specialize in what you do, let us help you in specializing in what we do: increasing recoveries, increasing service offerings, customer service, patient satisfaction and retention, while absorbing all costs of doing so.

Early-out / self-pay most commonly begins at day one following insurance adjudication. Whether straight self-pay or self-pay after insurance, the process begins at CFS with insurance eligibility query prior to a patient statement being printed and mailed, text or email sent, to ensure the utmost in customer service in the most accurate patient statement transmittal possible.

Bad debt most commonly begins following early-out / self-pay, at CFS that is the very day the account reaches 121 days in age if not paying, defaulted, or not held for minimal reasons. CFS returns your bad debt every evening, without fail, rather than hanging-onto business ‘just in case’ it pays later. The process is very programmatic, and occurs without human involvement to ensure the utmost in accuracy and expedient account life cycle, ultimately benefitting your days in A/R.

Recoveries and income outweigh cost. And nothing will help your positive cash flow like partnering with CFS. Not only do we increase your recoveries 20-40% on average, once as high as 133%, but we absorb all your costs and contracts as well. Utilizing our network of the best-in-class vendors providing every service imaginable, there is simply no better chance to create a positive cash flow scenario than utilize CFS.

CFS prides itself in providing every single possible patient self-service opportunity possible. From 24/7 online bill payment to self-establishing payment plans online according to your guidelines, to paying via automated telephone system (IVR), by two-way, live-party chat, or simply getting questions answered after hours by our intelligent chat bot (a bot that becomes smarter with every unanswered question). Our drive is to provide your patient every opportunity possible to get questions answered and desires fulfilled on their own. Of course our friendly, expert customer service representatives are readily available, some patients wish to merely self-service, and you will not find more patient self-service options than CFS.

Inbound vs. outbound vs. combination vs. onshore vs. offshore vs. nearshore vs. a mixture therein vs. dedicated team vs. shared team, on and on. CFS prides itself in being a combination of inbound and outbound, is onshore only, and offers dedicated as well as shared customer service representatives. We are locally headquartered and operated from Fenton, Michigan, and are independently owned. There is no ‘red tape’ with CFS, a simple call or text to your sales representative, our Operations Manager, or even Vice President- and your ask will be handled expediently and without question.

The level of customer support is key. Inbound vs. outbound vs. a combination, dedicated vs. shared teams, varying outreach methods, varying communication methods, hours of operations, staff requirements, etc. We at CFS are flexible and open to discussions in that we desire to form long and strong relationships at a lower price rather than shorter relationships at a higher price.

A call center merely fields calls, inbound typically, though often generating outbound to field inbound. A contact center prides itself in a myriad of contact methods from calls in/out, to IVR, to chat/chatbot, to text, email, and beyond. A contact center is multifaceted and is exactly what CFS offers. While our solutions are fully customizable, we understand the varying needs of our client base and thus ebb and flow to acquiesce.

CFS holds virtually limitless outbound dialing capabilities from unresponsive consumer, to unexpected payment, to late payment, to tax-time settlement campaigns, to political campaigns, to class action lawsuits, and so much more!

During implementation, our merchant service provider interacts with your treasury department and financial institution to create a relationship between all entities. Once that relationship is formed, the merchant agreement is then set in place with the ‘software’ being utilized, albeit credit card/chip reader machines, a website, or even IVR. As payments are processed using these mediums, the new merchant agreement set in place will charge the agreed-upon fee, approve or deny said payment(s), and will ensure monies for approved payments are routed to the specified bank account of the merchant account holder.

Merchant service providers employ customer support in the backend processing of payment card data. They’re merely a vehicle between the ‘software’ the user manipulates to process payment (IVR, website, text, etc.), and the actual processing of that payment, resulting in deposit into said merchants’ bank account, and posting to said merchants’ health information system to update the patients’ record(s).

Merchant agreements vary, and one that sees far less volume than another, will realize a far greater fee than the contrary. CFS passes-along its extremely high volume of payment cards processed, so that our clients realize discounts similar to CFS, ultimately saving tens to hundreds of thousands annually in merchant fees.

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