Who we are and what we do

Who We Are

In December 2005, Client Financial Services opened its doors on the top floor of the renovated Fisher Body building on Saginaw Street near downtown Flint, Michigan. Prior to Fisher, this building was known as the headquarters for Durant Motors, founded by William C. (“Billy”) Durant himself, who had previously founded the General Motors Corporation along with Charles S. Mott. This building was also infamous for the 1936 United Auto Workers (“UAW”) sit-down strike. Founded in a location with such rich history, CFS was poised for greatness from the beginning.

Quickly outgrowing the 16,000 square foot space on Saginaw Street, CFS relocated to the Flint-area Gateway Centre in April 2009 to expand the business to 22,000 square feet. Due to consistent and often rapid growth, CFS soon outgrew the Gateway Centre and purchased its current location, the former headquarters of 17-store VG’s Grocery chain, which had been sold to Spartan. This 40,000 square foot space with room for expansion would be the perfect canvas for CFS to continue painting its history of success.

Our founders, well-known in our industries of focus, together hold well-beyond a half-century’s experience in the industry. Regularly noted as “one of the most technologically-advanced agencies of its kind”, CFS’ mission was and still is to be a business partner with vast resources that will “Listen, Learn and Customize” to each client’s specific needs. CFS has done just that with extremely satisfied clients across many states, renewing extended contract after extended contract.

What We Do

With a massive foundation and continual investment in technology, CFS offers a variety of services from Revenue Cycle Management and Early-Out / Self-Pay solutions in the healthcare space, general customer service and special projects through a myriad of Contact Center Solutions, print-mail, eContact and discounted merchant processing opportunities through our preferred vendor partners, to customized data transformation projects, whether one-time or continual. All the above or anything in-between, with its rich history of success and present/new client partner relationships, CFS is your market leader and guarantees to bring you further success in your space!

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The Details

  • Located in Fenton, Michigan
  • Independently/privately owned and operated
  • No “red tape”, reach Executive leadership, Directors and Managers with a mere call, email, or text
  • Virtually limitless expansion, both onsite and offsite
  • CFS will never offshore or nearshore
  • Continual investment in technology and partners; it has been said repeatedly, “CFS is one of the most technologically-advanced agencies of its kind”