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Secure your customers’ payment data

It is ever more important to be cost-conscious to promote a successful, thriving organization, and secure your organizations and employees future. Merchant agreement savings is oft overlooked, and never again considered once established, but if not regularly reviewed, precious revenue is wasted. Utilize our significant payment-processing volume to decrease your cost of merchant processing for your organization. In 99% of merchant contracts implemented, CFS has shown its clients significant cost savings, some over $100,000 annually.

No time in history has it been more important to secure your customers’ payment data, protecting both them and you from data breach and theft. Give your customers the confidence in processing payments with you! Utilizing our partners’ merchant processing services provides you with the latest technology, continually updated and remaining cutting-edge. Through the use of secure pin pads for contactless (card not present) payments, or EMV (card present) chip readers, you can rest-assured you and your customers are constantly protected.

Contact us today for a no-cost analysis of your existing merchant agreements so that we may identify the cost savings available to you!

Protect your business

EMV chip cards have become more commonplace. The liability shift placed new responsibilities on merchants for card-present fraud. Basically, if a business processes a chip card without using an EMV-enabled terminal, it could be held responsible for any fraud that results.

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