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Improving A/R days, patient retention, satisfaction, and community relations, all while decreasing cost, increasing recoveries, and consolidating vendors.

Early-Out / Self-Pay

CFS remains on the cutting-edge of early-out / self-pay agencies nationwide. Our unparalleled resolve and desire for patient satisfaction has always resulted in increased recoveries and decreased costs for our clients.

CFS has realized increases in recoveries as high as 133% for our clients. Let us show you the impact we can make for you!

Our team is committed to providing excellent patient care and maintaining positive relationships with patients. We always exercise care and compassion when interacting with patients on behalf of our clients. We at CFS realize that your patients are your customers and are critical to our mutual success.

CFS has many additional services and solutions to offer. Learn more and customize YOUR solution today!

Revenue Cycle Management Steps

Extended Business Office Services

CFS acts as a true business partner to our clients, realizing that needs and issues arise unexpectedly. In the effort to reduce client operational expenses, CFS provides our staff and technology to reach that goal. At any time, our clients know they can contact us for a rapid solution, utilizing our well-established knowledge and experience of various systems, processes, and procedures to resolve any challenges they face.

In our charge to be your go-to resource, we assist many of our clients by handling your tasks at CFS such as charity applications transmittal and live-party follow-up, cash reallocation, UB-04 and itemized statement transmittal, corporate-wide/organizational customer service, and more!

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