Allow CFS to aid in organizational efficiency through technology and expertise

Allow CFS to help you in your day-to-day challenges

What began as merely assisting our clients in day-to-day roadblocks, allowed CFS to see its data development potential.

Do you encounter difficulty with payment posting timelines and/or errors, costing you thousands in payroll? Why waste your valuable resources with manual payment posting, cash reallocation, balancing discrepancies, and analyses? Let CFS help by fielding your remit and/or lockbox files directly, modifying them for the utmost in accurate and expedient posting to your system, and secure transmittal back to you- all fully automated and done within minutes! Let us help you promote efficient and error-free payment posting.

Do you encounter difficulty, a lack of knowledge, or a lack of resources with your internal or external IT Department, and require assistance with provision of bad debt data or second placement data to your agency of choice? Or do you merely require assistance with one-time or ongoing data clean-up, reconciliation, or customized reporting projects? Let CFS help!

Does your database encounter difficulty producing the type of statements, reports, or data that your organization needs, deserves, and thrives on? We can help, contact us today!

Data Transformation Options

  • Remittance and lockbox file spend-down
  • 1st or 2nd placement bad debt file assembly and transmittal
  • Data clean-up, reconciliation, and customized reporting
  • Enterprise-level, consolidated statement construction
  • Secure data storage and transmittal

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