Snuggle Sacks Presenting Sponsorship

Snuggle Sacks Presenting Sponsorship

September 25, 2022

From Snuggle Sacks:

It never ceases to amaze us……

Running a nonprofit is hard, grueling work, especially since the pandemic of 2020.  We understand funds are just not as available to support things like this, so #thesnuggleisreal

Our golf outing has been a labor of love this year, and we were honestly feeling pretty defeated the last few weeks.....and then….AMAZING people and companies come out of nowhere, and literally save our WINTER!!

JUST TODAY, the amazing owner of Client Financial Services of Michigan reached out to be our EVENT SPONSOR!  You guys, he literally saw that our biggest sponsor had not been fulfilled yet, and offered to fill that void just days before.  If that isn't support of our mission and helping those in need, we don't know what is!!

We are proud to have our event presented by them, and thank them, and our other sponsors, from the bottom of our hearts!”