11798269_sContinual investment and well-considered enhancements in technology infrastructure allows Client Financial Services to offer clients best-in-class services incorporating the latest productivity enhancements. Comprehensive and effective data management and security, and redundancy promoting zero downtime is the underpinning of a successful receivables management operation, offering both clients and consumers an unparalleled level of quality customer service.


11399124_sClient Financial Services’ Information Technology Department utilizes Ontario Systems’ FACS, Guaranteed Contacts and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) products as well as additional Newfies-Dialer and offsite IVR dialing systems. With these systems and a combination of multiple fiber and backup copper circuits, dialing at CFS is virtually limitless.

All of our server hardware is custom-built in-house using SuperMicro products to maximize flexibility and efficiency by not having to rely upon a hardware vendor for service or replacement. Almost our entire infrastructure runs within multiple server blade environments, each housing many extremely advanced dual-blade nodes. These nodes are incorporated into a ‘clustered’ server environment; this environment allows the outage of any core-system, node or blade chassis without any downtime, disruption or noticeable performance decrease at the end-user level. Zero downtime is essential when creating a seamless revenue program for our partnering clients.




CFS and client data is backed up nightly both onsite and to one of two secure data centers, both to ExaGrid backup systems and high-availability redundant Storage Area Network (SAN) devices via Veeam integration. In addition, CFS has incorporated a multitude of SAN devices, both onsite and off, which provide the core systems with RAID storage independent of any specific server, thus adding a third level of data protection and greater redundancy.

In regards to utility protection, CFS is protected in the event of electrical failure through the use of campus-wide surge suppression. Multiple redundant Tripp-Lite UPS battery backup systems sustain our core infrastructure until our Generac natural gas generator takes over to support our entire campus, ensuring even a power outage does not stand in the way of unparalleled customer service.

Client Financial Services will always ensure clients that their data is well-protected. Apart from our networking equipment provided by Cisco and SonicWALL, our physical facility is protected by the most advanced video surveillance, secure electronic pass card, fire and burglar systems available today. In the event an employee leaves our organization we can deactivate their badge within a matter of seconds to ensure the utmost security of CFS’ and client data, and compliance with local and federal laws. All employees are required to wear their CFS-assigned ID badges while on campus; otherwise they are challenged and/or denied entry onto the premises.

Through the use of our call recording system all calls fielded by the Client Financial call center are recorded from end to end. This functionality is invaluable in ensuring the utmost level of customer service is achieved and continually maintained. Unlike many of our competitors, Client Financial Services has gone the extra mile in securing its audio recordings using an extremely advanced system that omits recording consumer card and check information. In addition this system even shields consumer information from the CSR handling the call, thus adding yet another layer of protection in keeping consumer information private.

At Client Financial Services new business placed is processed immediately upon receipt through our custom RoboProc application developed in-house. This system ensures the utmost efficiency when it comes to our client’s data ensuring new data does not lie stagnant but is processed through completion 24/7/365 without human intervention.  This lack of human intervention also decreases human error thus promotes even greater reliability and solidarity in data processing.

In utilizing Wolverine Solutions Group for self pay statements and RevSpring for bad debt collection notices, their state-of-the-art technology interfacing to more than 25 different partners is fully at your service and aids in providing the following services to our clients:

  • Full-color, fully-customizable statements and notices printed on the highest quality paper available.
  • Guaranteed processing and mailing timelines to ensure efficient and timely delivery.
  • Address analysis and standardization, National Change of Address (NCOA) query and multiple-source address element correction ensures the most accurate delivery possible.
  • New/corrected address data provisioning to enable the update of both CFS’ and client systems for future mailings.
  • Bankruptcy/deceased verification and information provisioning to ensure accordance with local, state and federal laws.
  • Return Mail Management (RMM) completely eliminates manual handling of return mail while providing automated skip-tracing for new or more accurate address information. If discovered, the new address data is provided back for the update of both CFS’ and client systems for future mailings.
  • Facility-wide printing solutions discounted for our clients through CFS’ substantial volume.

In utilizing Internet Payment Exchange (iPayX) for self pay patient (web) portals, their state-of-the-art systems provide the following services for our client’s patient base resulting in the best possible patient experience:

  • Fully-customizable patient web-portal branded to match the client’s existing website.
  • Web ‘Quick Pay’ card and eCheck processing to facilitate effortless payment receipt 24/7/365.
  • Web ‘Patient Access’ with enrollment enabling secure storage of payment methods via eWallet, setup of automatic installment plans in accordance with client’s installment policy, secure electronic communication with customer service, online view/print/download of patient statements and past receipts, and more!
  • Comprehensive backend system providing a magnitude of reporting options for client staff.
  • Fully-customizable electronic remittance advice (ERA) file for automated payment posting.
  • Anti-card cloaking EMV card readers and pin pads available for your facilities that function seamlessly with the iPayX payment-processing relationship established. This promotes client and patient peace of mind in the security of their financial data.
  • Merchant services discounted for our clients through CFS’ substantial volume.

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